How to Conduct a Meeting

Wondering how to conduct a meeting?

Let’s talk about how to conduct a meeting and here is a little video I prepared for you:

So here is the sum-up of how to conduct a meeting

First of all, I recommend you to do a weekly meeting with your key team, which is your management team. This is a really important meeting when you update and keep up with all tasks and activities of the key members of your team. Other than that, you’ll need to know how to conduct a meeting with all your employees, in order to get everyone on the same page and get insights about what are they doing and what is working or not in your business. It is really important to know how to conduct a meeting like this and never skip it. This is all about all the members of your team, and you need to learn that everyone’s work and issues are important and need to be solved.

To do this and successfully organize your meeting agenda, you’ll need my magic formula on how to conduct a business meeting. I use this procedure for conducting a meeting whenever I have meetings schedule and it works perfectly for my team! 

Here is my MAGIC Formula on how to conduct a meeting:

how to conduct a meetingWe’ll start the training on how to conduct a meeting with what you need to do: At the beginning of the meeting, take about 5 minutes to welcome all employees, introduce new employees if necessary along with sharing some motivational ideas that keep the team and the business running all together.
Then you will get into some needy-greedy stuff, but with the right training on how to conduct a meeting, you’ll get over them. This is the time when you’ll be asking everyone to say what is working for them in the business and what is not working in the business. The key idea on how to conduct a staff meeting is that everyone gets to share their opinions and come up with suggestions for overcoming the issues that are temporally not working.
So now that you know how to conduct a meeting, I challenge you to start organizing your meetings and see if my magic formula works for you…and remember to play BIG in your Business!

Critical Lesson #1. Are entrepreneurs born or made

The first critical lesson from the series of “The Truth about Business” is summarized by the following question: “Are entrepreneurs born or made?”.

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

When I was 23 years old I started my first business. I had no business experience, no business training, I did not know whether are entrepreneurs born or made, and was convinced I would be a stay-at-home mom once I had children, and never work again.  I was a high school English teacher at the time, and when I had my first baby and became a stay-at-home mom I figured I was set on my path for the rest of my life. 

But God definitely has a plan for us, where we need to find the answer to this particular question “Are entrepreneurs born or made?”. He blessed me with really good babies. REALLY good babies. Babies that just sit there and look at you.  I remember standing in my living room, watching my sweet baby swing back and forth, back and forth in her baby swing and I thought to myself, “I love that baby more than life itself, but I am bored out of my mind.” I am definitely an entrepreneur that is born rather than made!

And that is when I started my first business–tutoring out of my home. I figured it would be  easy to segue from teaching into tutoring, so the decision to start my first business was born from the path of least resistance. Whether are entrepreneurs born or made it didn’t matter at that time. I wish I could say that I felt a strong pull to help the students, or help the moms whose children struggled with reading, but the real reason I started a home business was because I was bored out of my mind. Not very inspiring, but there it is. 

are entrepreneurs born or madeI must say that many of my current clients come to me with the same project-driven personality that I have, and with the same desire to thine own self be true. Finding the answer to “Are entrepreneurs born or made?” was never easy because it always depends on personalities. Most of us who have DO-er personalities, and especially those of us who have children, think we need to overcome our God-given personalities and be calm and quiet and lovely. We tell ourselves we need to slow down and keep the pace of the people around us. We need to become BE-ers. And if you are anything like me, you have read many-a-book on action steps to become less action-oriented, which is the definition of ironic. I even went through multiple coaching programs to help me learn how to be more balanced, more relaxed, and less achievement-oriented. I finally got the relief I was looking for when I realized–THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING WHO I WAS CREATED TO BE! Actually, being who you really are is what leads to understanding the answer for “Are entrepreneurs born or made” question.

Are entrepreneurs born or made – How do you figure out for yourself?

Some will say that entrepreneurs are born not made. Some will say innate tendencies define entrepreneurs.  But you need to find that out for yourself. While there definitely is a need for times of rest, I encourage my clients to embrace who they are and feel free to discover the reality if their nature and answer truly to the question “Are entrepreneurs born or made?”. God made you a DO-er because you have something to DO! If everyone were created to meditate in a cave, there would be no one to get things done.

But at 23, I didn’t realize how important is to thine own self be true. I couldn’t care less if are entrepreneurs born or made. I only had two people warring inside my head for the next decade of my life. One warring side was who I was inherently–my natural personality with all of the strengths and weaknesses that came with it. I will call her Warrior. Her goal was to LIVE–engaged, active, and always, always creating and doing. She dove fearless and head first into mistakes, realizing that mistakes create growth. She was not afraid to thy own self be true.

are entrepreneurs born or madeThe other person vying for control was the person I thought I was supposed to be. I will affectionately call her “Mrs. Cleaver”. Mrs. Cleaver is very much a part of me as well. She has marinated in a culture of shoulds and guilt. She has no ambition or drive because that would be prideful, of course. She never disagrees with her husband because that would create waves, of course. Her goal in life is to create perfection, and she shames herself for making mistakes.

After starting that first tutoring business in my 20’s, Warrior took over when I discovered the advantages from allowing myself to thine own self be true. I was so excited with the prospect of growing a business that I came alive. I discovered the answer for myself regarding the question “Are entrepreneurs born or made?”. I had plans to open up more locations across the state. I hired employees. I read business books ‘til 2 am. I was giddy when I held my first management meeting. I moved the business out of my home into an office location. And I told people that my goal was to retire my husband in three years. I was on fire!

encourage you find the answer to the question “Are entrepreneurs born or made?” for yourself and use that in your advantage…and play BIG in your Business!