How to Get Inexpensive Labor for Your Business

Let’s talk today about how to get very inexpensive labor for your business! I know I’ll hear the criticism that I always get when I talk about getting inexpensive labor for businesses: “Kim, you are anti-American“. But what I always say is “So be it! I love America, but I also love having a successful business!”. And sometimes, having a business that thrives might require you to seek labor outside US.

Watch this video to learn how to hire inexpensive labor for as much as $2/hour

The Secret of Getting Inexpensive Labor for Your Business

inexpensive laborSo if you’re looking to hire inexpensive labor for your small business, here is what you can do. You can go to oDesk or Elance, they’re very similar. On these websites you can find inexpensive labor, qualified people for your positions, and you can hire cheap labor overseas, like someone from Philippines, Bangladesh or even Denmark.

You’ll get this way inexpensive labor, which you’ll cost you $2, $4, $6 per hour, instead of paying an American $10, $15 or even $20 per hour.

Some of my best workers on my entire team are from the Philippines and Denmark! So the chances are you might hire a very qualified person to work for your business.

inexpensive laborIf you’re worried that this inexpensive labor comes with the negative side of ripping you off, taking all your money, or messing with your accounts, the same thing can apply for American people. There are going to be some great people and some not so great people. What’s so great about oDesk and Elance is that the employee gets a screenshot every 5-10 minutes, so you can see exactly what they are doing. You can see if they are waisting your time or if they’re actually working on your tasks.

So if you don’t have an assistant or you’re just looking to hire inexpensive labor for your team, consider this option of going on oDesk or Elance and hire your first employee for as little as $2 per hour…and remember to play BIG in your Business!

The Importance of Evaluating Your Business

Let’s talk about your business and the importance of evaluating your business! Many entrepreneurs struggle with admitting where they are at in business, point A. You might feel that if you have to get brutally, full-frontal honest, you would realize that even after years of saying you are in business, of working hard to spin your wheels, of pouring time and money into your business, you might be at a point A standstill. That’s why it is necessary to take a step back, look at your business and think of evaluating your business! And I can teach you how to evaluate your company.

Why You Need to Start Evaluating Your Business

To determine the truth about business and know exactly where you are in business, we need to first start evaluating your business. Evaluating a small business is important so please don’t skip this step or pretend your way through it. I challenge you to get brutally honest with your business and not give yourself an easy grade when you start evaluating your business. Recognize that if you are at a point A in your business, that is cause for celebration! Evaluating your business means you would then know exactly where you stand and can progress from there.

Reasons for Evaluating Your Business

evaluating your businessSometimes people get really defensive when they take this evaluation. Their comments are, “I don’t have to have a big business to be successful in business! I don’t need to have a team of employees, and I don’t need to run my business like a corporation!”. Sometimes you just need to engage in evaluating your business idea or even evaluate a business process.

That is all true. You don’t have to do anything. You can run a small business, and stay at a point A in many areas of your business for as long as you would like. If you don’t feel ready to grow your business right now, I am not saying you have to.

Can I add a “but”? If you feel a lot of emotion coming up for you as you take this, and those emotions are usually defensiveness and anger, I would question if you really are happy with your business as it is. Pay attention to the emotion: maybe the anger comes from wanting to grow your business, but believing you don’t have the talent? Or maybe defensiveness comes from believing your current results in business are a reflection of your worth?

I want to assure you that the reason you are at point A in business most likely has nothing to do with your talent, and definitely doesn’t reflect on your worth or value as a person. It just means that you haven’t received training, or haven’t implemented training. That’s it. There is no judgement against you, so there is nothing to defend against. We are just looking at the state of your business and we are try evaluating your business.

If emotion comes up for you as you take this business evaluation, this might be a great opportunity for you to explore the common false belief that you are your business. I can assure you, you are not.

By the end of this process of evaluating your business, if your business is not where you want it to be, I plead with you not to get discouraged. There is no way to get to a level D without having gone through the other stages first. Wherever you are is the perfect place to be. If you have been in business for a while and find yourself at a point A, you are not alone. There are many business owners who have muddled through, without getting the training they need. It is also very likely that even if you have worked with business coaches in the past, or even if you have a degree in marketing, many of the systematizing practices introduced in this evaluation are brand new to you. You can learn this quickly, I can help you how to evaluate your business!

So I challenge you to start evaluating your business…and play BIG in your business!