Create Business Systems to End your Bipolar Business

Without Business Systems, you may have a bipolar businesses!

Tell me if Melanie’s experience sounds familiar to you:

woman without business systems

Business Systems make everything easier

For the first year of Melanie’s consulting business she was scrambling to find clients. She was madly posting on social media to grow her following. She attended a networking group almost every week, and followed up with those leads without a sales call system . . . so she made lots and lots of fruitless sales calls. She was exhausted running her business without an organized system in her business.

After scrambling to get clients for about a year, then her business moved into the second stage of business bipolar:
Without a business system in place for fulfillment, she is now scrambling to fulfill on her client obligations. Between speaking engagements and client fulfillment, she is so busy taking care of the clients that she worked so hard to get, that you guessed it . . . she is still exhausted. Without organizing her business with systems, there is no end in sight to the madness.

So . . .what is the solution? BUSINESS SYSTEMS!

Having business systems in place mean that you know what you will be doing every day, every week, and every month in your business. Every event that occurs in your business (whether onboarding a new client, firing an employee, or hosting an actual event) needs to have a business system in place. There are two types of  systems:

Organize Your Business with flow charts

1. Melanie needs to systematize her regular schedule.

She needs to sit down and write out everything she does in her business on a regular basis: everything she does every day, every week, and every month. This webinar will walk you through the process:

2. The second part of the systems solution is to systematize each event.

When Melanie goes to a networking event, for example, she would have a checklist of everything she needs to do when she gets home from the event.

Here is a business system example:

  • Email each lead, suggesting that they download her free content on xyz
  • Call each lead 3 days after the initial email, asking if they would like to schedule a consult
  • Email each lead 3 days after the phone call, re-iniviting them to schedule the consult

Here is a sample system of how to fill an event.

So . . .why don’t all small businesses have their systems in place?

Here are some of the reasons why entrepreneurs don’t create their business systems, and how these excuses can be overcome:

“I need a Paperless Business System”

When I speak about business systems to groups, people often start talking about manuals. Imagine a giant wall of 3-ring binders, with checklists and procedures in each one. The problem with this type of business system is often those manuals just sit on the shelf. Whenever one process is updated, the binder of business systems is often not updated. I encourage all of my clients to use  paperless business systems, using my Plug & Play Business System.

“I need to be a Business Systems Analyst to Figure it out”

Many small business owners are so overwhelmed just by the words “business systems” that they don’t know where to start. The good news is you don’t have to be a Business Systems Analyst to create your systems. Just start with ONE process, or ONE event, and slowly build from there.

Most business owners know they need to systematize, but don’t know how to do it, or can’t find the time to do it. Corporate business systems may seem like overkill for a solopreneur company, but are essential when you hire your first employee. My training specializes on organizing small businesses–I would love to help you build your business systems at our next Business Intensive Retreat!
Here is an Online Business Systems Review that will analyze all areas of your business: Leadership, Marketing, Fulfillment, Product Development & Finance. You will be able to determine which systems you have and which you are missing from this Online Business Systems Review.

Here are some more SYSTEMS resources:

Women are Communists, Men are Capitalists

Comedian Owen Benjamin hit this right on the head. Hilarious, and oh, so true:

Oh, so true

Owen Benjamin Describes Women

I had an experience last week that completely confirmed Mr. Benjamin’s theory of women.

The scene: A Women’s Business Conference

Overheard by my assistant (direct-ish quote): Oh, I don’t like that Kim Flynn lady. I shared a stage with her a few months ago, and she sold a bunch of retreats. Everyone bought her stuff so by the time I spoke they had already purchased. They didn’t buy anything from me. The only reason people bought from her anyway is because of her bonuses she was giving away.


All of these years I have been blaming myself. I have stewed over this, read books about this, journaled about this: I figured I have been in the wrong–that my bold personality is going around hurting people’s feelings unintentionally, and although I didn’t mean to, I hurt people. Constantly.

That overheard conversation was such a GIFT to me! I have absolutely no other way I could have possibly hurt this woman–she simply didn’t like me because I was successful, and specifically, more successful than her.

So what am I feeling? First, RELIEF. Relief to know that the experiences of women turning on me in the past have been about their stuff and not about me. And secondly, and more importantly, SADNESS. How are we supposed to progress as a gender while we are holding each other back?


I don’t think this (or any social problem) exists in other people but not in myself. I can’t change my speaker friend, or anyone else. All I can do is watch for the trend in myself, and by my behavior and words, model women supporting other women! So here is what I am committed to in my own life:

#1  Recognize jealousy when I feel it.  Do I get jealous? Sure, all of the time. When I am having hard feelings for someone, be honest enough with myself to say–this is my junk and has nothing to do with someone else’s success.

#2  Have a conversation with that person in my car, out loud.  This actually works. I work through many-a-tough feelings in my car, simply by having conversations with them. The out loud part really helps. I tell them everything I am feeling, and imagine them telling their side of the story. Often I am able to see their side of the situation.

#3  Actively look for successful women to model.  When I meet someone that is seeing awesome success, especially women, I will look for ways to align myself with their trajectory. Study them to see what they are doing. Align with them instead of competing with them.

While I don’t believe that it is only women holding women back (men, ya’ll are members of that big thing called society as well), I do think we can do better as women. So here is your challenge to face this fear, head on. I am doing this challenge today and would love to hear your thoughts on taking it on!


Reach out to a woman who you have previously been intimidated with, or a little bit jealous of, and tell them how impressed you are with their success. Who is with me?

xo, Kim