How to Manage Expectations in Business

Today I’ll share with you a very important lesson in business: How to manage expectations.  This is a critical topic for every business owner and entrepreneur, because we all have dreams and hopes, but you’ll be surprised to see how that really works in the business world!

First, take a look at this short video teaching you how to manage expectations in business

So here is how to manage expectations in business

how to manage expectationsLet me tell you a story from which we can learn about managing expectations at work. I had a client who was starting her first blog about how to survive as a military wife. The idea was awesome and she was really excited about it! But she wouldn’t publish that first blog post and start the blog. When I asked her why she is not moving forward, her answer was that the blog post needs to be perfect because thousands of people will read it. And here is the hard true lesson about how to manage expectations in business: at first, it will only be maybe 2 persons looking at her blog: her mother and her husband!

So if you’re wondering how to manage expectations in business, I say let’s get rid of those expectations that we’re going to be instantly successful and everything has to be perfect because there’s going to be millions of people who are waiting just to buy our product! That is unfortunately not the case, and you should know that in order to understand how to manage expectations in your business!

The lesson on how to manage expectations still includes that we can dream big, think big, and play big, but it’s all going to happen one step at a time. It’s not going to be an instant, overnight success. We live on Earth and this is the reality about managing expectations in business.

So if you’re new in business and you need to know how to manage expectations, my challenge for your first year in business is to get to 25 thousand dollars, get to 50 the second year, 100 the third year, 250 the next, 500 the next year, and then 1 million the next year! That is the pace I want you to work at and this is how to manage expectations in business! You’re not going to get from 0 to 1 million in one year!

I hope you have the necessary input from my lesson of how to manage expectations…and remember to play BIG in your business!

Principles about Failure in Business

failure in businessLet’s talk about failure in business. This my least favorite topic in the world, but last week our team had an epic failure so that gave a chance to re-evaluate my views of failure in business. I hate failure! I wish I could always succeed, but last week really made me look again at my beliefs on failure in business. So after thinking about failure in business and its purpose, I was actually thrilled to have made that failure in business!

Take a look at this video and see why I love failure in business after all

Two principles about failure in business

Thinking about my failure in business, I want to share with you two principles about failure.

The first failure principle is for people who are new in business:
You can’t be GOOD unless you are BAD first!

You can’t be a good sales person unless you are bad at it in the beginning. You can’t be a good leader, or manager, or hire people well, until you’re willing to do it incorrectly in the beginning. So my challenge for all entrepreneurs who are brand new in business is to let yourself be bad at things you don’t know how to do yet. This is how learning from failure in business happens, which will eventually make you become good at doing those things.

The second failure principle is for people like me, who are strong in business but once in a while have an epic failure:
If you aren’t FAILING, you aren’t GROWING!

If all we do is succeed, we are stuck in our little comfort zone, and we’re not pushing out of that comfort zone. If you only succeed, it means you’re not trying new things and you’re not moving into the space of being bad at first. So I just want to challenge you, if you’re not seeing any failure in business, and all you’re seeing is success, you are not playing to your potential. So I challenge you to go beyond that safety zone and don’t be afraid of failure in business!

So either if you’re new or already strong in business, I challenge you to fail and learn from your failure in business…and remember to play BIG in business!