How to Get Started and Achieve Those Big Business Dreams

business dreamsToday we are going to move beyond theory of what to expect and not expect from reaching your goals, and start talking about the how – How exactly do you move forward to achieving those big business dreams?

I hope you are on the same page with me on these two principles:
(1) achieving your goals and business dreams won’t suddenly make your life feel worthwhile and whole if you don’t already feel worthwhile and whole, and
(2) most of the joy in your business will come from the growth that comes from the struggle.

After going through the Big Vision exercise where you got covered your dream business details, you know what your business dream looks like. Now you need to ask yourself if you are willing to do what it takes to get there and achieve all those business dreams.

The Truth about Big Business Dreams

The hard part, and the part that most people aren’t willing to do, is the every day. Doing small, seemingly insignificant things every day, one at a time, over and over again, now that is hard. You win the race and achieve business dreams by doing those unsexy, sometimes boring tasks, day after day after day. Are you willing to do that to achieve your business dreams? That is much harder than any big push.

business dreamsIf your answer is YES, then here is your first challenge: go get paper and a pen. Please recognize you are at choice right now. If you are willing to play full out in this exercise, and are willing to do other small, seemingly insignificant tasks again and again and again, you will see success. You can reach those business dreams.

So start by making a list of the physical, tangible pieces included in your big vision. A common struggle for big-picture thinkers is to move that vision down from the idea or concept stage into concrete, tangible details. The phrase “heal the world” would not be concrete or tangible. Ask youself, “What would that look like?” until you get concrete, tangible details. Again, don’t edit your answers as they get more specific. Write down a bulleted list of what those tangible details would look like. Some examples could be: work with teenagers and their parents in a one-on-one setting, build an orphanage in Uganda,or host an event in LA with 200 people.

When you’re done, skim through your new list and put a star by the three or four ideas that are extra juicy for you. If you could get only those few things on that list, what would those things be? Which items make you excited just thinking about them? Don’t choose the things you feel you should be excited about, and don’t judge yourself for choosing the goals that most speak to you instead of the goals you feel you “should” want to work toward.

Now comes the fun part! We are going to move from the big business dreams in the sky stage into the action stage. We are going to implement those day after day, unsexy, seemingly insignificant tasks that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. We are going to make an idea a reality. So choose your top dream from your starred three or four. We are going to focus on how to achieve one juicy goal. The way we eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

The way we reach big business dreams is one small step at a time

business dreamsFinally, we are going to make a list of the micro steps you will need to do to get you moving in the direction of your goal. I have two rules here. The steps need to (1) take one hour or less to complete, and (2) be able to be checked off a list.

Here is an example: Let’s say you want to build an orphanage in Uganda. Let’s say you have never been to Uganda, you don’t have any experience building orphanages, and you don’t have a significant amount of money in the bank. What do you do? Here are some sample micro steps:

  • Step 1: Google “How to open an orphanage in Africa”. Research for one hour.
  • Step 2: Call Amy Schmaby, the woman you met who does charity building projects in South America. Take her out to lunch to pick her brain.
  • Step 3: Post on FaceBook: “I am interested in any contacts to Uganda. Does anyone know anyone who lives there or who has lived there?”
  • Step 4: Google “Orphanages near (my city)” and find the closest orphanage to my city
  • Step 5: Call the orphanage and ask if they allow visitors or volunteers

Now it’s your turn. You will write out five micro steps for the juicy goal that you selected from your big business dreams list. What steps can you take with the connections, knowledge, and resources that you currently have to get you closer to your goal?

I hope this advice helps you move a little closer to achieving your business dreams…and remember to play BIG in your Business!

How to SURVIVE the Holiday with Business Chaos

Let’s talk about the upcoming holidays and more specifically how to survive the holiday with business chaos. If you’re anything like I am, this period is very busy with a million of things to do. So it’s easy to head into stress and into overload during the holiday season.

Watch this video with tips to help you survive the holiday with business chaos

My 2 tips for surviving business chaos during holiday

business chaosTip no. 1: I want to you make a list with every thing that you need to do (every last bill that you need to pay, every item you need to buy on Amazon, etc.). Write all these things on ONE list. The success of this tip to survive the holiday with business chaos is to keep writing things on your list until there is nothing left you can think of. Once that is done, if you’re a Kim Flynn Consulting client, go ahead and put that into your PLUG and PLAY. But if you’re not, just write all these things you need to get done on a paper. The next thing to do to survive the business chaos is to prioritise that list by date. So you are going to assign yourself 3 to 5 five things to do per day, and you are going to have a running list where you complete at least 3 things on specified dates.

Tip no.2: To survive your holiday with business chaos, you’ll need to choose one day per week when you’ll stay up late and work until 2am if that’s necessary to get things done. This day is when you will crunch through and you’ll tell your friends and family to let you business chaosdo your work. This will help you take that off from your emotional to-do list and eliminate some of that business chaos because you’ll know you’re getting all done on that day.

So these are my top two tips to survive the business chaos during the holiday. I hope you are able to apply them to your business and have a wonderful holiday season! You’ll be getting more fun tips during this period so for now focus on surviving the business chaos and remember to play BIG in your Business!